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From Nafplio to Kiveri

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Located across the serene waters of the Argolic Gulf from the lively harbor of Nafplio sits the idyllic village of Kiveri. Merely a 20-minute drive away, Kiveri beckons travelers in search of a leisurely respite and an authentic taste of Greek village life.

A Village Enriched by History

Though unassuming at first glance, Kiveri boasts a history as deep as its tranquil bay. Its strategic position has rendered it a coveted locale through the ages. Legends whisper of King Danaos of Argos anchoring here, while remnants of a once-grand temple to Poseidon grace its shores only in tales. Yet, the echoes of the 13th-century Frankish summer houses that once dotted its landscape still linger, casting a nostalgic charm over the village.

Beaches to Suit Every Mood

Kiveri's main allure undoubtedly lies in its beaches. Set upon a gentle incline, the village showcases two primary stretches of shoreline, each offering its own distinct charm.

The first, affectionately known as the "big beach," invites visitors to unwind and bask in the sun's embrace. Descend from the village center to discover a scene of organized sunbeds, pristine waters, and an array of inviting cafes and tavernas. Whether indulging in a refreshing coffee, savoring a local delicacy, or simply lounging in the warm sands, the big beach promises relaxation aplenty.

For those in search of solitude, a short stroll towards the lighthouse reveals a secluded pebbled cove, perfect for a tranquil dip in deeper waters.

And for the intrepid explorers yearning for seclusion, a venture along the coastal path unveils a series of hidden coves, each a secluded sanctuary awaiting discovery.

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Local Charms and Unseen Wonders

Kiveri holds its own hidden treasures, including the mystical underwater source of Anavalos, a testament to the village's natural splendor.

Within the heart of the village, wander through its charming neighborhoods to uncover traces of local lore. It is said that the spirited game of "Vergo" once echoed through these streets, accompanied by its melodious namesake. Listen closely, and perhaps you'll catch whispers of its ancient refrain carried on the gentle breeze.

Insider Insights:

Indulge in the freshest catch at the quaint seafront tavernas for an authentic taste of local cuisine. Consider packing provisions for a leisurely exploration of the secluded coves beyond the main beaches. Getting There:

Accessing Kiveri from Nafplio is effortless. A scenic 19-kilometer journey along well-maintained provincial roads takes approximately 20 minutes. Follow the signs directing towards Nea Kios and Miloi, then veer left onto the old Argos-Tripoli national road upon reaching Miloi. After 800 meters, take another left following the signs leading to Kiveri. Alternatively, entrust your navigation to modern technology and let your GPS chart the course.

Kiveri promises a serene escape for the day, offering a harmonious blend of history, pristine beaches, and the essence of Greek village life. So, pack your swimsuit, a spirit of adventure, and prepare to uncover this hidden gem just a short journey across the bay.