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Arvanitia Beach

Arvanitia Beach, a rocky peaceful beach in Nafplio, is just a short walk from the old town. Surrounded by rocks and shingled with pebbles, this beach offers a relaxing getaway from the bustling city. It's the perfect place to soak up the sun, take a swim in the warm waters of the Argolic Gulf, and enjoy scenic coastal walks.

With its history dating back to 1775, Arvanitia Beach holds a rich cultural significance. In the pre-war period, it was referred to as the "Men's Place," where only men were allowed to swim. Today, it's a popular destination for visitors, with parasols and beach lounge chairs available for rent, and a café for lunch. Lifeguards are also on duty, making it a safe place for swimming for both kids and adults.

From the beach, visitors can take a 20-minute Promenade walk around the base of Acronafplia castle and to the Port of Nafplio, enjoying the picturesque scenery along the way. Despite being well-organized with sun loungers, coffee, showers, and changing rooms, the small parking area at Arvanitia Beach can fill up quickly with cars, so it's best to arrive early.

Arvanitia Beach doesn't offer water sports, but its rocks around the beach make it an excellent spot for snorkeling. The road down to the beach is well-paved and in good condition. To complete your visit, try the fresh seafood at one of the traditional taverns nearby.

What visitors say about Arvanitia Beach

Arvanitia Beach is loved for its beauty and peaceful vibes. Visitors enjoy its pretty location along the coast of Nafplio, with lovely views of the clear waters and cliffs.

People appreciate that it’s not as crowded as some other beaches nearby, making it a nice place to relax. The soft sand and calm waves are perfect for swimming and sunbathing, and taking a stroll along the shore is enjoyable.

Even though facilities like showers and restrooms are limited, many find Arvanitia Beach a charming and serene spot, great for a day of beach fun and relaxation.


“Arvanitia Beach is so beautiful and peaceful. The views are amazing, and it’s not too crowded, which I like. I had a great time swimming and chilling out on the sand.”

Sophie, United Kingdom

“Arvanitia Beach is a nice escape from the busy town. It’s pretty and quiet, and the water is great for swimming. Even though there aren’t many facilities, I still had a good time there.”

Andreas, Germany

“I really enjoyed my time at Arvanitia Beach. It’s so peaceful and relaxing. The views are lovely, and it’s not too crowded. It’s a great place to unwind and enjoy the beach.”

Elena, Spain

“Arvanitia Beach is a nice spot to spend a day by the sea. The views are beautiful, and the water is clear. It’s not too crowded, which is nice. I would recommend it for a relaxing beach day.”

John, United States

“Arvanitia Beach is really pretty. I liked how quiet and peaceful it was. The water is nice for swimming, and it’s a great place to relax. Even though there aren’t many facilities, it’s still worth a visit.”

Maria, Italy