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Rosso Music Café

Rosso Cafe in Nafplio offers a perfect retreat where you can relax and enjoy yourself to the fullest. During the day, we serve up delicious snacks and coffee in a lively atmosphere. As night falls, Rosso becomes the ultimate spot in Nafplio for music, hanging out with friends or your special someone, and sipping on refreshing cocktails under the stars. Our cozy and welcoming environment sets the stage for memorable moments.

You'll notice unique touches throughout Rosso, like a Volkswagen Beetle turned into a comfy couch—a standout feature that sparks curiosity. The décor continues with a red brick wall adorned with John Lennon's portrait, an English telephone booth, and even an old bicycle repurposed as a table. Each piece reflects our love for vintage style and sustainability, ensuring your visit is both charming and eco-conscious.