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Klepsidra in Nafplio, Greece, is a cozy café where you can unwind and enjoy a variety of treats. Located at the old city of Nafplio, it's a casual spot that offers coffee, snacks, and even takeout cocktails for €5, perfect for a leisurely stroll by the harbor or a beach outing.

The café, open from 6:00 in the morning until 21:00 every day, is known for its welcoming atmosphere and efficient service. Whether you're craving a perfectly brewed cappuccino or an energizing smoothie, Klepsidra has you covered. Their menu boasts a range of options, from sandwiches and snacks to mouthwatering sweets like chocolate mosaic and homemade truffles.

Run by Constantine and his brother Raphael, who are passionate about coffee, Klepsidra ensures that every cup is made with care. They exclusively serve 100% Arabica coffee from Thessaloniki, ensuring a rich and flavorful experience. Plus, their selection of fresh juices, made from a variety of fruits, will keep you refreshed all day long.

If you're a coffee enthusiast, Klepsidra is a must-visit. Their baristas are skilled in crafting the perfect espresso, latte, or flat white, and they'll even remember your order for future visits. And if you're hungry, don't miss out on their delicious pastries and filled rolls, all made with love and served with a smile.

Whether you're a local or a tourist, Klepsidra welcomes everyone with open arms. So, if you find yourself in Nafplio, make sure to stop by this little gem for a taste of authentic Greek hospitality and a truly delightful coffee experience.

What visitors say about Klepsidra

Visitors rave about Klepsidra, describing it as a beloved local spot in Nafplio. Despite its bustling atmosphere, the café is praised for its efficient and friendly service. Regular patrons appreciate how the staff remember their preferences, ensuring their cappuccinos are always made to perfection without the need for reminders.

The quality of the coffee is consistently outstanding, with visitors marveling at the rich aroma and nuanced flavors. Whether it’s an espresso with notes of strawberries and flowers or a perfectly crafted latte, Klepsidra impresses even the most discerning coffee enthusiasts. The use of high-quality coffee beans and top-of-the-line espresso machines reflects the café’s commitment to excellence.

Upon stumbling upon Klepsidra, visitors are pleasantly surprised by the superior coffee and warm ambiance. The café’s expertise in coffee-making is evident, with baristas who are passionate about their craft. Despite being a local favorite, Klepsidra welcomes tourists with open arms, offering a diverse menu of pastries, filled rolls, and fresh fruit.

In addition to its stellar coffee, Klepsidra stands out for its welcoming atmosphere and accommodating staff. Despite language barriers, visitors find the service to be attentive and hospitable. Whether seeking a caffeine fix or a relaxing spot to unwind, Klepsidra is hailed as a must-visit destination for coffee lovers in Nafplio.