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Taverna Vyzantio

Taverna Vyzantio is a renowned restaurant known for its delightful atmosphere, excellent food, and stunning views.

The taverna offers a rustic ambiance, with Byzantine-inspired decor that adds to its charm. The menu features traditional Greek dishes prepared with locally sourced ingredients, creating a culinary experience that is both comforting and sophisticated.

Visitors rave about the flavors and quality of the food, praising the skillful blending of ingredients and the freshness of the dishes. The restaurant's outdoor terrace provides breathtaking views of Nafplio's landscape, adding to the overall enchantment.

The staff is known for their warm and friendly service, making every guest feel welcome and well taken care of. Overall, Taverna Vyzantio is highly regarded by both locals and tourists, who consider it a must-visit destination for an unforgettable dining experience.

Cuisine: Greek cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine, local specialties.
Ambiance: Cozy, rustic, traditional, tavern-style.
Service: Friendly, attentive, welcoming staff.
Menu: Authentic Greek dishes, grilled meats, fresh seafood, homemade recipes.
Outdoor Seating: Terrace, courtyard, al fresco dining.
Drinks: Local wines, ouzo, traditional beverages.
Live Music: Occasional live music performances, Greek music.
Family-Friendly: Suitable for families, children's menu, high chairs.
Views: Potential for scenic views, overlooking Nafplio or a specific location.

What visitors say about Taverna Vyzantio

Taverna Vyzantio in Nafplio is a beloved spot known for its traditional Greek cuisine and charming atmosphere. Here’s a breakdown of what guests love and some factors to consider:


  • Delightful Atmosphere: Many reviews praise the taverna’s rustic charm, noting its Byzantine-inspired decor, scenic outdoor seating, and overall pleasant ambiance.
  • Traditional Greek Cuisine: Guests appreciate the authentic flavors and quality of dishes, particularly highlighting specialties like lamb, grilled meats, fresh seafood, and homemade recipes.
  • Warm and Friendly Service: The staff is often described as welcoming and attentive, enhancing the overall dining experience.
  • Reasonable Prices: Compared to other restaurants in Nafplio, Taverna Vyzantio offers good value for its food and experience.

Things to Consider:

  • Limited Vegetarian Options: While meat and seafood dishes are prominent on the menu, vegetarians may find their options somewhat limited.
  • Potentially Inconsistent Service: Some reviews mention occasional inconsistencies in service timing or attentiveness, so be prepared for slight variations in service quality.
  • Popularity: During peak season, reservations are recommended as the taverna can become busy.


Taverna Vyzantio is a solid choice for those craving a traditional Greek dining experience in a charming setting. With its delicious food, welcoming atmosphere, and reasonable prices, it’s a favorite among visitors. However, consider the limited vegetarian options, occasional service inconsistencies, and the need for reservations during peak season before planning your visit.

Additional Notes:

  • These summaries are based on online reviews and individual experiences may vary.
  • For the latest information on menus, reservations, and specific dish recommendations, it’s best to consult the restaurant’s website or contact them directly.